The Amazing Picturesque Village of Hermigua La Gomera

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Welcome to the stunning village of Hermigua La Gomera! With its breathtaking beauty, diverse culture and exciting attractions, this delightful destination is the perfect place to explore and find adventure. From outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and watersports to shopping in quaint stores and savouring local delicacies in delicious eateries, Hermigua La Gomera has something for everyone. Join us as we discover why this paradise is a must-visit for all travellers!

Getting To Know Hermigua La Gomera

Where Is Hermigua La Gomera?

Hermigua is situated in the northeastern part of La Gomera, an island located in the province of Santa Cruz de Tenerife in the Canary Islands, Spain.

Getting To Hermigua La Gomera

La Gomera has a reasonably extensive, if somewhat infrequent, bus service. Line 2 is operated by Guagua Gomera. The service currently operates four times a day from Valle Gran Rey to San Sebastián via Playa Santiago, Hermigua and Agulo.

The best option for travelling to Hermigua is to hire a car and take the scenic route. There are plenty of places to stop along the way, from small restaurants serving traditional Canary Islands cuisine to breathtaking coastal views. Not only will this be an enjoyable journey for you and your family, but it also gives you a great opportunity to explore some of La Gomera’s most beautiful landscapes. It will also be significantly faster!

The History And Culture Of Hermigua La Gomera

Hermigua was founded in the 16th century by Spanish settlers. It is believed that it was settled around 1570, although the exact date is unknown.

The town sits between two high mountain ranges, providing a fertile environment for agriculture. In the 19th century, Hermigua grew to become a major agricultural center and remains one today.

Hermigua has preserved its Spanish roots throughout the centuries, with traditional festivals such as Carnaval celebrated each year. The town also boasts lush laurisilva forests and hiking trails that provide stunning views of La Gomera’s landscape.

Facilities In Hermigua La Gomera

Accommodation In Hermigua La Gomera

Hotel Rural Casa Los Herrera. Hermigua La Gomera. Canary Isalnds Spain.
Hotel Rural Casa Los Herrera. Hermigua La Gomera.

For those looking for a traditional experience, Hermigua has several guesthouses and private apartments that offer visitors an authentic taste of life on the island. These typically come equipped with all the necessary amenities, such as WiFi access and fully-equipped kitchens. Most also have their own terraces or balconies where visitors can sit back and enjoy the views.

There are enough accommodation options in Hermigua La Gomera to satisfy most tourists. The most extensive source we have found is

Restaurants In Hermigua La Gomera

coffee and cake at a reastaurant in hermigua la gomera canary islands spain
Snack Time In Hermigua La Gomera

Hermigua, La Gomera, is a beautiful destination that offers a variety of restaurants to choose from. From the traditional Tasca Telémaco to the family-run Los Herrera Restaurante, there is something for everyone.

Gastro Tasca Estadio is another popular spot that serves up delicious dishes with an unbeatable view of the surrounding area.

Services In Hermigua La Gomera

For a small town, Hermigua La Gomera is well-supplied with the services you may require during your stay.

It has a small supermarket that can provide most of what you require in terms of food supplies.

There is a bank, pharmacy, hairdresser and post office, should you need them.

For your car, there is an electric vehicle charging station along with a petrol station

For medical emergencies, there is a Canary Islands Health Service located on Ctra. General 121A.

If you need transportation around town, Taxi Goyo Hermigua on Ctra. General Plaza La Encarnación can provide service as well as José Herrera García on C. San Antonio 8.

For all the above services, hours may vary and aren’t always reliably reported. It’s always best to confirm the current opening times.

Things To Do In Hermigua La Gomera

Hiking In Hermigua La Gomera

Hermigua in La Gomera is a paradise for hikers. With its temperate climate and unique nature, it’s no wonder why so many people flock to the area for their outdoor adventures.

There are plenty of trails to choose from, ranging from easy hikes to more challenging multi-stage routes. Popular trails include the Sendero Meseta de Hermigua (CV-14), the Sendero El Cedro (GM-1) and Salida caminata piscina natural Punta San Lorenzo.

For those looking for an even bigger challenge, there is also the GR-132 gesamt, a 127.2 km long multi-stage route that takes around 47:45 hours to complete. No matter what your skill level is, you’re sure to find something that suits your needs in Hermigua!

Beaches In Hermigua La Gomera

Playa Hermigua Beach Hermigua La Gomera Canary islands spain
Playa Hermigua Beach Hermigua La Gomera

As with most of the beaches on the north coast, the sea can be dangerous so caution is required.

Hermigua does have its own beach and a saltwater swimming pool, but locals prefer the beautiful bay at Playa de la Caleta, approximately 5km away.

Events in Hermigua La Gomera

Every year, Hermigua hosts a variety of events that bring locals and visitors alike together to celebrate the island’s unique history and culture.

The Festivities of El Cedro are held annually in August at the hermitage of Lourdes, located on the path of one of the trails of the laurel forest of El Cedro in Garajonay National Park.

It is an impressive sight to see the Virgin of Lourdes procession through the forest to the village accompanied by drums, chácaras and traditional dances. This enchanting event brings together locals and visitors alike, who come to celebrate and honour their Catholic faith as well as local traditions.

Other events are organized randomly throughout the year. The local tourist information office will be able to provide options available during your visit.

Things To See Near Hermigua La Gomera

Mirador De Abrante

Mirador De Abrante Near Hermigua La Gomera
Mirador De Abrante Near Hermigua La Gomera

Situated just a few kilometres from Hermigua and perched at the edge of a vertigo-inducing 600-meter sheer drop, Mirador de Abrante offers visitors an unforgettable experience with a jaw-dropping view over La Gomera’s northern coast and Tenerife.

Built by Architect José Luis Bermejo intended in 2014, the Mirador de Abrante is one of La Gomera’s most popular attractions

Roques Pedro y Petra

These two enormous rocks are an iconic sight in Hermigua La Gomera and make for a great photo opportunity! Climb up to their peak for even more spectacular views of the surrounding area.

La Gomera Ethnographic Museum

Located at the upper end of the Hermigua Valley, this museum houses an impressive collection of artifacts from throughout history, including traditional clothing, pottery, tools, jewelry, and more! Get an up-close look at how people lived on this island centuries ago.

Conclusion: Why Hermigua, La Gomera is a Must-Visit Destination

In summary, Hermigua in La Gomera is not just another tourist spot; it’s a paradise that offers a rich tapestry of experiences. Whether you’re an adventure seeker, a history buff, or someone looking to relax and soak in natural beauty, Hermigua has something for you. From its lush laurisilva forests and challenging hiking trails to its quaint eateries serving local delicacies, this village encapsulates the essence of La Gomera. Its well-preserved Spanish roots add a cultural depth to your visit, making it more than just a visual treat.

So, why settle for the usual tourist traps when you can have a unique, enriching experience in Hermigua? Trust me, whether you’re travelling solo, with friends, or with family, this picturesque village will leave you with memories that last a lifetime.

Questions to Ponder:

  1. What’s Your Adventure? – With a variety of hiking trails and outdoor activities, what kind of adventure would you choose in Hermigua?
  2. Cultural Immersion – How important is experiencing local culture and history to you when you travel?
  3. Local vs. Tourist Spots – Would you prefer the less crowded, more authentic local spots or the popular tourist attractions?

So, are you ready to pack your bags and explore Hermigua, La Gomera?

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