Hola! Welcome to the unique world of La Gomera.

Kevin And Jill Creators Of And Authors For Exploring La Gomera
Kevin And Jill Of Exploring La Gomera

Who Are We?

We are Kevin and Jill, a British couple whose home is now in the beautiful Rocky Mountains of Canada. 

Our passion has always been travel. We were still in our teens when we set off on our first big adventure, a 2-month motorcycle trip around Europe. This was shortly followed by a one-year stint teaching in Istanbul. 

We continued our travels for a few more years before a more conventional life of kids and work slowed us down. We are now largely free of these commitments and free to resume our wandering lifestyle.

Our favourite recent adventure was a 13-day hiking trip to Everest Base Camp, but we are also discovering the benefits of basing ourselves in one place for 1-2 months at a time. 

This gives us time to work, allows us to explore new places, and gives us the chance to really experience living somewhere new. It also gives us respite from the long, harsh Canadian winters.

Kevin And Jill Creators And Authors Of Exploring La Gomera
Hiking In The Himalayas

“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.” – Henry Miller

Why Are We Writing About La Gomera?

Kevin Creator And Author Of Exploring La Gomera Hikes On Top Of Cliff Overlooking Playa De La Guancha
Kevin Hiking To Playa De La Guancha

We live amongst some of the most spectacular mountains in the world, but we still weren’t prepared for the impossibly steep mountains and ravines of this small volcanic island.

But it’s not just about the mountains – La Gomera also has a stunning coastline, a warm, moderate climate, palm groves, banana plantations and a massive, dense, magical forest protected by UNESCO.

We hope to inspire you to visit the incredible, forgotten world of La Gomera with our writing and our images. We also strive to produce a complete resource for anyone planning to visit this spectacular and unique island. 

About Jill

Jill Creator And Author Of Exploring La Gomera
Jill Making The Most Of Winter

I’m British-born, but Canada has been my home for almost 20 years. I have also lived and worked in Istanbul (my favourite city!) and Copenhagen and spent extended periods of time in countries such as Thailand, Nepal and Spain. 

I love travelling, but I’m not really keen on seeing “sights”. I prefer to just exist in a place, visit the same corner store each day, go to the same coffee shop, eat the same food and drink the same wine as the locals.

I didn’t discover my passion for travel until I met Kevin. He dragged me out of my comfort zone, onto the back of a 500cc Honda motorbike, and around Europe with a tent, a spare t-shirt and not much else. Since then I haven’t looked back.

About Kevin

Kevin Creator And Author Of Exploring La Gomera Enjoys A Spanish Beer On Canary Islands Spain
Kevin Enjoying A Spanish Beer

Kevin has been my other half for too many years to count, with an almost identical repertoire of countries visited. He’s the person with the ideas and the driving force behind most of what we do. 

He is also the technical half of our website partnership. The one who gets to tear his hair out over computer coding and weird WordPress happenings while I lose myself in writing posts and editing images.

Kevin has almost 20 years of experience working in the transport and travel industry; he knows all the hacks, collects the air miles and the points and ensures that we can continue to follow our passion.