Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera (Las Arenas Beach)

By Jill

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Playa de las Arenas La Gomera (also known as Playa de Argaga) lies just south of Valle Gran Rey. It is an attractive sandy beach surrounded by dramatic cliffs, but difficult to access after landslides blocked the road.

Basic Information Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera Canary Islands Spain Information Table Beach Also Known as Playa de Argaga
Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera (aka Playa de Argaga)

An Introduction To La Gomera Beaches

La Gomera’s mild climate means its stunning beaches can be enjoyed year-round. However, if you are searching for long white beaches with endless lines of sun loungers, La Gomera may not be the place for you.

A typical La Gomera beach is small with black volcanic sand or shingle. Picture quiet (almost deserted) bays with crystal clear turquoise waters nestled between dramatic craggy cliffs.

Some beaches within the towns are busier with amenities nearby, while others can only be reached via boat or on foot. However, if you are prepared to walk, you are often rewarded with an entire beach to yourself.

A Green Sailing Boat On Blue Sea Sails Past Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Mountains In The Background Beach Also Known as Playa de Argaga
A Boat Sails Past Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

However, a word of caution is that swimming in the sea on La Gomera can be dangerous, especially during the winter. The island can be windy with large waves and powerful currents, especially during high tide.

Some beaches aren’t suitable for swimming (especially for children) at any time of year, while others are more sheltered and generally safe. Before swimming on any La Gomera beach, we recommend you take the advice of a local tourist office.

An Overview Of Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

Playa de las Arenas (sometimes called Playa de Argaga) is a wide beach, very attractive, with spectacular cliff and ocean views. The partially sandy beach and relatively calm waters mean it is popular for swimming, especially with locals.

There are some trees along the edge of the beach which provide shade from the sun, and the beach is also said to be popular with nudists.

Prepare For Your Visit To Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

There are a few things it is worth noting before visiting this beach:

  1. Sunburn – The coastal winds on La Gomera mean that sunburn is common. The sun here is powerful, and the cooling breeze can fool you into thinking you are not at risk.
  2. Stones – The beach is quite sandy but still has stone and rock, making it difficult to walk on with bare feet. Take suitable shoes for the water if you plan on going in.
  3. Winds, Waves and Tides – It is worth repeating that all beaches on La Gomera can be dangerous. The water at Playa de las Arena is generally calm, but you should make sure you are fully aware of the conditions before swimming.

Access To Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

Blue Sea And A Sandy Beach Known As Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Mountains And Road In The Background Beach Also Known as Playa de Argaga
Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera (aka Playa de Argaga)

At the moment, the beach can only be accessed via boat. Many maps still show a hiking trail down to the beach, but this has been closed due to safety concerns.

There was previously a narrow road that ran along the base of the cliff between this beach and Vueltas Harbour at Valle Gran Rey. However, recent rockslides from the cliff have blocked the access road, and the route is closed for safety reasons. It isn’t clear when or whether this route will reopen again.

Amenities At Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera

There aren’t many amenities at this beach, but there is a small, well-rated guesthouse known as Finca Argayall.

Pros And Cons Of Playa De Las Arenas

Pros Of Playa De Las Arenas

  • Sheltered
  • Isolated and peaceful
  • Attractive beach/bay
  • Dramatic rocks/cliffs
  • Clear/clean waters
  • Sandy
  • Trees provide shade

Cons Of Playa De Las Arenas

  • No road access
  • Lack of amenities

Conclusion: The Allure and Caution of Playa de las Arenas, La Gomera

In the heart of La Gomera lies Playa de las Arenas, a beach that captures both the island’s natural beauty and its untamed spirit. With its sandy shores, dramatic cliffs, and clear waters, it’s a haven for those seeking tranquillity and a touch of adventure. But remember, this paradise comes with its own set of challenges. The beach is currently accessible only by boat due to recent landslides that have blocked the road. Amenities are sparse, so come prepared.

So, is Playa de las Arenas worth the trek? Absolutely, if you’re up for an adventure and a chance to experience La Gomera’s raw beauty. But as with any off-the-beaten-path destination, it’s crucial to be aware of the conditions and take necessary precautions. After all, the best adventures are those that are both thrilling and safe.

Questions to Ponder

  1. Accessibility Challenges: How important is easy access to a beach for you? Would you go the extra mile (or boat ride) for a unique experience?
  2. Safety First: Given the potential risks involved in swimming at La Gomera’s beaches, how would you prepare yourself for a day at Playa de las Arenas?
  3. Amenities vs. Natural Beauty: Are you willing to trade off amenities for an isolated and peaceful beach experience?
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We’re Kevin and Jill; we are from the beautiful Rocky Mountains in Canada but were blown away by the impossibly steep mountains and ravines of La Gomera. We hope to inspire you to visit this unique island and strive to create the ultimate guide.

2 thoughts on “Playa De Las Arenas La Gomera (Las Arenas Beach)”

  1. If you use Google or many other maps you will come to the conclusion you have about the names of the beaches. However based on 35 years of experience on the island I think the actual names used by locals are different.
    The beach you describe above is Playa de Argaga. Playa de las Arenas is a different beach about half a mile round the coast and accessible only via a much degraded path and then a short climb across a sheer rock face or by jumping into the sea which is very rarely far enough out to save you from getting soaked. Playa de las Arenas translates as Sandy Beach and indeed that beach does have large patches of sand which vary with the season and the tide. It also has several shallow caves which were formerly occupied by ‘hippies’. The beach was officially closed after a young woman was killed by a falling rock whilst living on that beach with a small child. Playa de Argaga has very little sand except occasionally in high summer and is a rocky beach.
    Technically there is a hiking path to Argaga but it has been officially closed for many years after several tourists fell and were killed on it. However even when it was open the strict advice was that it should only be attempted as an ascent and not as a descent as the steep path could not be seen on a descent.
    I enjoyed looking at your site and hope you don’t mind me commenting

    • Hello Leo,
      Thank you for the information on this beach and for clarifying the name issue. It was very difficult for us to know what to name this post, especially when Google and other tourist maps refer to the beach as Playa de las Arenas.
      Also, we didn’t realize that the hiking path had been closed, and we have amended the post to reflect this.
      Thank you again for taking the time to comment; we do appreciate it.


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