Hiking To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

By Jill

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Very little remains of the ruins of Pescante de Agulo, but the wild setting and rough dramatic waves make this a breathtakingly beautiful location. A steep but well-built trail takes you down the cliff to a tiny harbour with impressive waves.

Basic Information – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

Information Table For Hiking To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain
Hiking To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

Introduction – Hiking On La Gomera

If you like hiking, you will love La Gomera. The island has the most incredible variety of landscapes, with steep cliffs overlooking rocky coastlines, and inland the coast gives way to volcanic peaks, dramatic rocks and staggeringly steep ravines.

In the heart of La Gomera is National Park Garajonay, with damp, dense forests of moss-coated trees. It seems a world away from the sunny and arid south coast. The variations in climate result in a vast range of plant life in La Gomera, where you will find cacti, lush green forests, palm trees and banana plantations.

Although the climate varies dramatically as you move around the island, the temperature is surprisingly constant. You are unlikely to experience temperatures much outside the 15-25 deg C range at any time of year. This means that the weather is almost always perfect for hiking.

Dramatic Rocks And Waves On Walk Hike To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain
Dramatic Waves At Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

However, the most significant advantage for us was the sheer volume and range of hikes on La Gomera. The Garajonay National Park has an incredible network of well-defined trails, many of which have been designated as “recommended routes.” These numbered routes, or “rutas,” are signposted and easy to follow.

The only downside of hiking on this wonderful island is that you won’t find a trail without some elevation gain. Also, many of the trails are high with steep drops and definitely not for the faint-hearted. If you dislike heights, check your routes carefully before setting out.

Overview – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

Trail In Foreground Leads To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Blue Sea And Crashing Waves Behind
Trail In Foreground Leads To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

This short steep walk to the ruin of Pescante de Agulo far exceeded our expectations. The ruin alone probably wouldn’t be very interesting, but the wild setting is just incredible. It is a beautiful place for photography, but definitely not somewhere to swim.

Pescante de Agulo was a crane (or davit) for loading fruit onto boats. It was destroyed by a tidal wave in the 1950s, but two concrete pillars remain in the water, plus a small ruined building.

If you are staying in or passing through Agulo, this is a great short hike. The walk isn’t long, but we classed it as “moderate” due to the steep climb back up the cliffs.

Also, if you are looking for somewhere to eat, there are a handful of small but excellent restaurants in the town. We spent several days in Agulo and can recommend the following:

  • Bar-Restaurante El Mantillo
  • Tasca Las Cruces
  • Restaurante La Vieja Escuela

If you would prefer to take a picnic on your walk, then you can pick up supplies at the Supermercado Juan Escuela, open daily apart from Sunday.

Prepare – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

Hiking Trail Descends To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Blue Sea And Dramatic Waves In The Background
Trail Descends To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

There are a few things to note before starting this hike:

  1. Footwear – This is a good trail but uneven in parts, and the stone will be slippery in wet weather. We recommend wearing sturdy shoes with a good grip.
  2. Sunburn – The coastal winds on La Gomera mean that sunburn is common. The sun here is powerful, and the cooling breeze can fool you into thinking you aren’t at risk.
  3. Winds, Waves And Tides – The waves at the small beach at the end of this hike are very powerful, and there is a strong swell. It is not a safe place to swim.

Starting Point – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

If you are driving to Agulo, you should park your car on the GM-1 as it passes through the western edge of Agulo. There is plenty of free on-road parking here and also a car park. Technically, you can drive further into the town, but the roads are absurdly narrow, and parking spaces are non-existent.

Route Description – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

A Yellow Building And A Stone Wall Are The Start Of The Cliff Walk Hike To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain
Start Of Descent To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

If you park on the GM-1, the first part of this hike will be through the pretty town of Agulo. From the GM-1, you should walk down Calle La Alameda signposted “Agulo Casco”. After 300m (just past the supermarket), turn right into Carretera el Transportador.

Continue along this road for around 850m until you reach the yellow building shown in the picture above. This is the start of the trail down the cliff.

Once you hit the trail, it is very easy to follow. It is a relatively wide, well-defined trail, which is a mix of compacted soil and stone paving. Long shallow steps form much of the trail, which is a series of switchbacks.

Long Wide Steps Descend To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With A Stone Wall To Right Side And Blue Sea In Background
Trail Steps To Pescante De Agulo La Gomera

Points Of Interest – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

The main points of interest on this hike are:

  • Ruins of Pescante de Agulo
  • Small picnic area near the top of the cliff trail
  • Small harbour with wild/dramatic waves
  • Agulo town restaurants/cafes & church

Route Variations – Hiking To Prescante De Agulo

A small detour into Agulo town will take you to a pretty square called Plaza de Lioncio Bento, with a beautiful white church, the Iglesia de San Marcos Evangelista.

There is an alternative, slightly shorter route to the cliff that cuts through the terraced slopes at the edge of town. However, this is a more difficult route to follow and is steep and rocky in places.

Pros And Cons – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

Pros – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

  • Spectacular coastal views
  • Wild waves
  • Ruins of Pescante de Agulo
  • Easy to follow
  • Good trail
  • Restaurants in Agulo

Cons – Hiking To Pescante De Agulo

  • Not suitable for swimming
  • The steep return climb up a cliff.

In Conclusion: Why Hiking to Pescante de Agulo Is a Must-Do

So, you’ve read all about the steep trails, the dramatic waves, and the ruins of Pescante de Agulo. But let’s get to the heart of it—why should this hike be on your La Gomera bucket list?

Firstly, the hike offers a unique blend of natural beauty and historical intrigue. The ruins of Pescante de Agulo, once a crane for loading fruit onto boats, tell a story of a bygone era, adding a layer of depth to your adventure. Secondly, the trail itself is well-defined and manageable, making it accessible for hikers of various skill levels. Just remember, the climb back up is steep, so save some energy for the return journey.

Lastly, the town of Agulo is a charming pitstop, offering excellent dining options like Bar-Restaurante El Mantillo and Tasca Las Cruces. Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure seeker, or a foodie, this hike has something for everyone.

So, are you ready to lace up your hiking boots and explore this fascinating trail? Trust me, the views alone are worth the effort.

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