Charco Del Conde La Gomera (Charco Del Conde Beach)

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Charco del Conde La Gomera is a small, pretty beach in the heart of Valle Gran Rey. The small bay is perfect for young children as it is sandy, and a natural string of rocks protects it from the waves.

Basic Information Charco Del Conde

Information Table For Playa Charco Del Conde La Gomera At Valle Gran Rey Canary Islands Spain
Charco Del Conde La Gomera

An Introduction To La Gomera Beaches

La Gomera’s mild climate means its stunning beaches can be enjoyed year-round. However, if you are searching for long white beaches with endless lines of sun loungers, La Gomera may not be the place for you.

A typical La Gomera beach is small with black volcanic sand or shingle. Picture quiet (almost deserted) bays with crystal clear turquoise waters nestled between dramatic craggy cliffs.

Some beaches within the towns are busier with amenities nearby, while others can only be reached via boat or on foot. However, if you are prepared to walk, you are often rewarded with an entire beach to yourself.

A Beautiful Early Morning Rainbow Reflects In The Water Of Charco Del Conde La Gomera At Valle Gran Rey Canary Islands Spain
Early Morning Rainbow Over Charco Del Conde La Gomera

However, a word of caution is that swimming in the sea on La Gomera can be dangerous, especially during the winter. The island can be windy with large waves and powerful currents, especially during high tide.

Some beaches aren’t suitable for swimming (especially for children) at any time of year, while others are more sheltered and generally safe. Before swimming on any La Gomera beach, we recommend you take the advice of a local tourist office.

An Overview Of Charco Del Conde La Gomera

Charco del Conde is a small, sheltered bay in the centre of Valle Gran Rey. The water is surrounded by a string of natural rocks, which normally protect the water from the waves. Its beach is often referred to as “baby beach”.

The water is normally very calm and feels more like a small lake or lagoon. In fact, the word “charco” means “puddle.” This beach is also sandy, with some umbrella shades, so it is an excellent choice for anyone with small children.

Playa de Charco del Conde may not work so well for older children as it is pretty small and doesn’t have much space for them to run around and play games. If you are looking for more space, consider visiting Playa de Vueltas or Playa de la Calera.

Prepare For Your Visit To Charco Del Conde La Gomera

People Sit On The Beach And Swim On A Sunny Day At Charco Del Conde La Gomera At Valle Gran Rey Canary Islands Spain
Charco Del Condo La Gomera

There are a few things it is worth noting before visiting this beach:

  1. Sunburn – The coastal winds on La Gomera mean that sunburn is common. The sun here is powerful, and the cooling breeze can fool you into thinking you are not at risk.
  2. Rocks – Although this is a sandy beach, there are some rocks, especially around the edges, so take care of the water. Consider taking shoes for wearing in the sea.
  3. Winds, Waves and Tides – It is worth repeating that all beaches on La Gomera can be dangerous. Although this is a sheltered beach, waves can come crashing over the rocks on a windy day. Make sure you are fully aware of the conditions before swimming.

Access To Charco Del Conde La Gomera

Charco del Conde is easily accessed via road from Avenue Marítima Charco de Conde, which runs along the beachfront. You will find the beach opposite apartments of the same name (Apartmentos Charco del Conde).

There is generally plenty of free parking along this road, although it may get busy in the summer season.

Amenities At Charco Del Conde La Gomera

There are plenty of amenities close to this Charco del Conde, as it lies within the town centre. Within a couple of hundred metres, you will find several restaurants/cafes and a range of shops.

There is also a good supermarket directly opposite the south end of the beach (Supermercado Charco del Conde).

Pros And Cons Of Charco Del Conde La Gomera

Pros Of Charco Del Conde

  • Sheltered, safe for children
  • Sandy
  • Umbrella sun shades
  • Attractive
  • Easy access
  • Good amenities
  • Close to the town centre

Cons Of Charco Del Conde

  • Popular but can be busy
  • Quite small

Conclusion: Your Next Beach Destination—Charco del Conde La Gomera

If you’re planning a trip to La Gomera, Charco del Conde in Valle Gran Rey should be on your list. Known as the “baby beach,” this small, sandy bay is a haven for families with young children. The natural rock formations create a sheltered environment, making it a safe spot for little ones to splash around. While the beach is small and can get busy, it’s conveniently located near restaurants, cafes, and shops, so you won’t have to venture far for amenities.

However, it’s not just about the kids. The beach offers a tranquil setting for anyone looking to unwind by the sea. Just remember to be cautious of the local conditions, as La Gomera’s beaches can sometimes have strong currents and waves. Always check the weather and consult local advice before taking a dip.

So, are you ready to experience the charm of Charco del Conde? Trust us, it’s worth the visit.

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