What Is The Weather In La Gomera Like?

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La Gomera has one of the mildest climates in Europe, with temperatures rarely dropping below 14°C or exceed 27°C. The island also has very low humidity levels due to its unique geographical position and warm ocean currents. This means that the weather in La Gomera, even during the hottest months of July and August, is still comfortable enough to spend time outdoors without feeling too hot or sticky. The result is a pleasant climate all year round!

Climate And Geography Of La Gomera

For a small Island La Gomera has a lot of climate
Tim Hart – La Gomera: a guide to the unspoiled Canary Island

La Gomera is known for its dramatic landscape, featuring rugged cliffs and steep slopes, deep ravines and tranquil valleys. La Gomera’s unique topography makes it one of the most captivating destinations in the world, with breathtaking vistas and spectacular nature walks through one of Europe’s last remaining laurel forests.

On the same day, you have a choice between basking in warm sunshine on a black-sand beach with light breezes and temperatures of 27ºC or taking an adventure through lush forests at 3,000 feet in temperatures almost half that accompanied by stiff winds and occasional drizzles. The weather in La Gomera means the possibilities are truly endless!

The northern coastal regions of Hermigua to Vallehermoso are brimming with lush vegetation and a cool climate due to the increased amount of rainfall they receive.

The mountain areas in the Garajonay national park are much cooler and windier than other parts of the island while also receiving significantly more rain. Oftentimes, it is misty or hazy, particularly at night when the NE Trade Winds push moisture from the hot Atlantic onto these high mountains.

The driest and sunniest areas of the Island are in the south of the Island, from San Sebastian on the East coast south to Playa Santiago and on to Valle Gran Rey on the west coast.

view of playa de la guancha la gomera with clear skies demonstrating the weather in la gomera sunny weather in la gomera
Even In Winter, The Weather In La Gomera Will Mean Clear Skies On Most Days.

Summer Weather In La Gomera (June – August)

The summer weather in La Gomera is typically warm and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 18-27°C. It’s a great time to enjoy some of the Island’s many watersports or relax on the beach.

Sea temperatures towards the end of the summer are at their warmest, making it a great time for swimming.

If it is getting a little hot outside, visiting some of the many small churches and museums will provide the opportunity to cool down.

You can expect 12 hours of sunshine per day and minimal rainfall. Summer is a great time to visit for sun worshippers.

Autumn Weather In La Gomera (September – November)

The autumn weather in La Gomera is usually mild and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 18-27°C.

The sea temperature remains pleasant at 23-24°C, making the early autumn a great time for swimming and water sports.

You can expect a reduction in the number of sunshine to around 10 hours a day and a marginal increase in the amount of rainfall.

Winter Weather In La Gomera (December – February)

The winter weather in La Gomera is usually mild and sunny, with temperatures ranging from 14-21°C. Rainfall can be expected during this season but usually occurs in short bursts.

The sea temperature is cool during the winter months, so it’s not the best time for swimming, although it remains possible for those who wish to.

There are still plenty of outdoor activities available such as hiking, mountain biking and exploring caves.

The slightly cooler weather makes this the best season for hiking the many trails.

Trail sign for the alto de garajonay. The Winter Weather In La Gomera Makes It Perfect for Hiking.
The Winter Weather In La Gomera Makes It Perfect For Hiking.

Spring Weather In La Gomera (March-May)

The spring weather in La Gomera is mild and pleasant, with temperatures ranging from 15-23°C. There continues to be more rainfall during this time of year, but again, it does tend to come in bursts.

The sea temperature remains on the low side but is also comfortable enough that swimming is possible.

Like winter, spring is a great time for hiking on La Gomera and also a good season to try one of the many biking trails.

Conclusion: Your Ultimate Guide to La Gomera’s Weather

So, what’s the takeaway from all this information about the weather in La Gomera? Simply put, La Gomera offers a climate that’s hard to beat. With mild temperatures ranging from 14°C to 27°C year-round, you can comfortably explore the island’s diverse landscapes—from its sunny southern beaches to its lush northern valleys—any time you visit.

Whether you’re a sun worshipper looking to bask on black-sand beaches or an adventure seeker eager to hike through Europe’s last remaining laurel forests, La Gomera has something for everyone. And let’s not forget the water sports enthusiasts; the sea temperatures are just right, especially towards the end of summer.

So, are you ready to pack your bags and experience the endless possibilities that La Gomera’s weather offers? Trust me, whether it’s summer, autumn, winter, or spring, La Gomera is a destination that promises a pleasant climate for all your adventures.

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FAQ Weather In La Gomera

Is La Gomera warmer than Tenerife?

La Gomera is generally warmer than Tenerife throughout the year, though not by much. The average yearly temperature in La Gomera is between 16-22°C, while Tenerife’s is 15-21°C.

Is La Gomera Windy?

what is
La Gomera is known for its windy weather year-round, with an average yearly wind speed of 15kph. It tends to be particularly windy in the spring and autumn months, making it popular amongst avid kite and windsurfers.

What is a Calima?

A Calima is a hot, dry and dusty wind that originates from the Sahara Desert. It brings with it hot temperatures and hazy visibility and can last for several days. Occasionally, it also carries smoke and dust from Saharan wildfires.
It is rare in La Gomera, and more often found in the Canary Islands to the east.

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