Playa De Iguala La Gomera (Iguala Beach)

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Playa de Iguala La Gomera is an idyllic, isolated beach which can’t be accessed via road. The bay is sheltered by dramatic cliffs and has views of Roque de Iguala, a volcanic rock that sits at the end of Punta de Iguala.

Basic Information Playa De Iguala La Gomera

Playa De Iguala La Gomera Canary Islands Spain Information Table
Playa De Iguala La Gomera

An Introduction To La Gomera Beaches

La Gomera’s mild climate means its stunning beaches can be enjoyed year-round. However, if you are searching for long white beaches with endless lines of sun loungers, La Gomera may not be the place for you.

A typical La Gomera beach is small with black volcanic sand or shingle. Picture quiet (almost deserted) bays with crystal clear turquoise waters nestled between dramatic craggy cliffs.

Some beaches within the towns are busier with amenities nearby, while others can only be reached via boat or on foot. However, if you are prepared to walk, you are often rewarded with an entire beach to yourself.

Blue Sea In Front Caves Near Playa De Iguala La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Steep Mountains In The Background
Caves At Playa De Iguala La Gomera

However, a word of caution is that swimming in the sea on La Gomera can be dangerous, especially during the winter. The island can be windy with large waves and powerful currents, especially during high tide.

Some beaches aren’t suitable for swimming (especially for children) at any time of year, while others are more sheltered and generally safe. Before swimming on any La Gomera beach, we recommend you take the advice of a local tourist office.

An Overview Of Playa De Iguala La Gomera

Blue Sea Lies In Front Of Playa De Iguala La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Steep Mountains In The Background
Playa De Iguala La Gomera

Playa de Iguala La Gomera is a remote, deserted beach with stunning volcanic rocks and cliffs. The beach is less rocky than many on La Gomera, with patches of coarse sand/gravel.

The bay is characterized by Punta de Iguala at the western end of the beach and the volcanic Roque de Iguala, which sits dramatically at the end of the punta.

This is a difficult beach to access unless you have a boat. However, anyone who makes it here will be rewarded with solitude and probably the entire beach to themselves.

Prepare For Your Visit To Playa De Iguala La Gomera

There are a few things it is worth noting before visiting this beach:

  1. Sunburn – The coastal winds on La Gomera mean that sunburn is common. The sun here is powerful, and the cooling breeze can fool you into thinking you are not at risk.
  2. Stones – The beach is a mix of stone and gravel and very difficult to walk on with bare feet, so take suitable shoes for the water if you plan on going in.
  3. Winds, Waves and Tides – It is worth repeating that all beaches on La Gomera can be dangerous. Playa de Iguala is relatively sheltered, but you should still make sure you are fully aware of the conditions before swimming.

Access To Playa De Iguala La Gomera

A Steep Track Runs Down The Mountain To Playa De Iguala La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Blue Sea In The Foreground
Hiking Ruta 16 Runs Down To Playa De Iguala La Gomera

There isn’t a road down to Playa de Iguala, so the beach is accessed via boat or hiking trail. The beach lies on official hiking route number 16 (Ruta 16), which runs between Chipude and La Dama.

The quickest walk is likely to be from La Dama, around 4k, mainly along a gravel track called Calle Iguala. However, there will be steep sections, so it isn’t an easy hike.

Amenities At Playa De Iguala La Gomera

There aren’t any amenities at Playa de Iguala. All you will find there are 2-3 small abandoned buildings and spectacular coastal scenery.

Pros And Cons Of Playa De Iguala

Pros Of Playa De Iguala

  • Sheltered
  • Isolated and peaceful
  • Attractive beach/bay
  • Dramatic rocks/caves
  • Clear/clean waters
  • Some gravel/sand

Cons Of Playa De Iguala

  • No road access
  • Lack of amenities

Conclusion: The Allure of Playa de Iguala La Gomera

In summary, Playa de Iguala La Gomera is a secluded paradise for those willing to venture off the beaten path. This beach is not your typical sun-lounger-filled tourist spot; it’s an isolated haven surrounded by dramatic cliffs and stunning volcanic formations like Roque de Iguala. The beach is accessible only by boat or a challenging hike, making it a perfect escape for adventure seekers. However, the lack of amenities and potential for strong currents mean it’s essential to come prepared.

So, are you up for a unique beach experience that offers solitude and natural beauty in spades? If the answer is yes, then Playa de Iguala La Gomera awaits you. Just remember to pack your hiking boots, be mindful of the tides, and don’t forget the sunscreen!

Questions to Ponder:

  1. Is Solitude Worth the Effort? – Given the challenging access, would you trade convenience for the serenity and beauty that Playa de Iguala offers?
  2. Safety First – The beach is relatively sheltered but can still be dangerous. How would you prepare for a safe visit?
  3. What’s in Your Beach Bag? – With no amenities around, what are the must-have items you would bring to make your day at Playa de Iguala enjoyable?
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