Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera (Chinguarime Beach)

By Jill

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Playa de Chimguarime La Gomera can be found in a beautiful wide bay a few kilometres to the east of Playa Santiago. Access to the beach is either via boat or hiking trail, so it is a great place if you are looking for solitude.

Basic Information Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera

Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera Canary Islands Spain Information Table
Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera

An Introduction To La Gomera Beaches

La Gomera’s mild climate means its stunning beaches can be enjoyed year-round. However, if you are searching for long white beaches with endless lines of sun loungers, La Gomera may not be the place for you.

A typical La Gomera beach is small with black volcanic sand or shingle. Picture quiet (almost deserted) bays with crystal clear turquoise waters nestled between dramatic craggy cliffs.

Some beaches within the towns are busier with amenities nearby, while others can only be reached via boat or on foot. However, if you are prepared to walk, you are often rewarded with an entire beach to yourself.

Access To Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera Canary Islands Spain Via Cave In Cliff
Beach Access To Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera

However, a word of caution is that swimming in the sea on La Gomera can be dangerous, especially during the winter. The island can be windy with large waves and powerful currents, especially during high tide.

Some beaches aren’t suitable for swimming (especially for children) at any time of year, while others are more sheltered and generally safe. Before swimming on any La Gomera beach, we recommend you take the advice of a local tourist office.

An Overview Of Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera

Playa de Chimguarime is a wide beach which is a mix of mainly rock and gravel. It is surrounded by spectacular cliffs, rocks and caves with beautiful crystal-clear water.

There isn’t road access to the beach, so it isn’t widely used. However, it is known as a hippy destination, and there is a good chance that you will find a handful of people camping there, plus the occasional nudist.

Prepare For Your Visit To Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera

There are a few things it is worth noting before visiting this beach:

  1. Sunburn – The coastal winds on La Gomera mean that sunburn is common. The sun here is powerful, and the cooling breeze can fool you into thinking you are not at risk.
  2. Stones – The beach is a mix of stone and gravel and difficult to walk on with bare feet, so take suitable shoes for the water if you plan on going in.
  3. Winds, Waves and Tides – It is worth repeating that all beaches on La Gomera can be dangerous, and Playa de Chinguarime is no exception. Make sure you are fully aware of the conditions before swimming.

Access To Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera

Hiking Trail Up Cliffside To Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera Canary Islands Spain With Blue Sea And Beach In Background
Hiking Trail To Playa de Chinguarime La Gomera

Access to this beach can be difficult as there isn’t a road down to the beach. Your first option is to go by boat, and the second is via a hiking trail. On the plus side, you will be rewarded with solitude once there.

There is a short cave through the cliff/rocks between Playa de Chinguarime and neighbouring Playa del Medio. However, this route is only available at very low tide, so it is rarely an option.

The quickest option is to drive to neighbouring Playa del Medio and walk from there. It is a relatively short hike, but you have to climb up and over the cliff, so it is hard work.

Amenities At Playa De Chinguarime La Gomera

There aren’t any amenities at all at Playa de Chinguarime, and unlike some other beaches, no signs that it has ever been occupied.

Pros And Cons Of Playa De Chinguarime

Pros Of Playa De Chinguarime

  • Isolated and peaceful
  • Attractive beach/bay
  • Dramatic rocks/caves
  • Clear/clean waters
  • Wide/spacious beach

Cons Of Playa De Chinguarime

  • Lack of amenities
  • No road access

In Conclusion: The Allure of Playa de Chinguarime

Playa de Chinguarime in La Gomera is not your typical beach getaway, and that’s precisely what makes it special. Nestled in a wide bay a few kilometres east of Playa Santiago, this isolated beach offers a unique blend of solitude and natural beauty. Accessible only by boat or a challenging hiking trail, it’s a haven for those looking to escape the crowds.

The beach itself is a mix of rock and gravel, framed by dramatic cliffs and clear, turquoise waters. While it lacks amenities and can be dangerous for swimming due to powerful currents, its isolation and scenic beauty make it a worthwhile adventure. Just remember to take precautions like suitable footwear and sun protection.

So, are you up for a beach experience that’s off the beaten path? Do you crave solitude and are willing to work a bit for it? If yes, Playa de Chinguarime might just be the perfect spot for your next adventure.

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